Marco Wolf

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The music

is my passion. I see myself as an ambassador of soul music that can touch and transform the inner values ​​and feelings in people.
I compose touching piano music that I perform in public or private concerts.
As a producer, I have already produced several albums. These can be heard on Spotify or on this website.

I also accompany people on their personal life path with and through my music and by means of music improvisation.
In my studio, I provide people with the outer and inner space to express themselves through music, that is, with the many different instruments that can be found in my studio.

The fascination of the sound, which is triggered by a movement and whose power in turn moves something in the heart, or touches him and others, is something magical, wonderful and healing for me.
I play several instruments like:
Piano, frame drum, hang, percussion, Shahi Baaja (Indian instrument) Tabla, KoTa Mo (Koto, Tanpura, Monochord) harmonium and others.
As a composer it is a pleasure for me to compose and play music that has depth and is food for the human soul, also for your special event such as baptism, wedding or birthday party.
Your Marco Wolf, you musicians from Lucerne!

Bands & experiences

Numerous concerts and hour-long sessions in various music genres and band formations of rock, pop, jazz and improvised and meditative music shaped me
musical career
  crucial. Working with many musicians who then and still played in renowned bands. A. Rene Maurer (bass player with Gölä), Roman Roth (drums with Simply Red), Christian Bucher (drums), Bruno Amstad (vocals) and many others.

Musical career

1990-1994 Jazz School Lucerne General Department
1994-1998 ACM Zurich completed recognized teaching diploma SMPV in piano / keyboards (lessons with Esther Bächlin, Thomi Silvestri, Stefan Stahel)

2001-2003 Extensive further training in music therapy & instrument making with Joachim Marz (FMWS)

Many years of experience and further training in music kinesiology with Pius Strassmann, Lucerne

2003 CD production "Experience"
2017 CD production "Bolero Butterfly"
2018 further training "body resonance" work on the couch monochord with Joachim Marz
Organizer and manager of various musical projects.
I work as a freelance and independent musician.
Donations in this special time are of course very welcome! Thank you very much !
Marco Wolf, Luzerner Kantonalbank 6003 Luzern
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