Sound Therapy

The recumbent monochord, or treatment monochord, is a string instrument where you can lie on it.
It is very suitable for deep relaxation.
His sounds can feel and feel warmth and security.

The overtone-rich sound vibration is amplified via the resonance space and spreads throughout the body. It is a deeply sensual experience for the body, mind and soul and it is not uncommon for inner images and feelings of various kinds to appear, which can be further developed, nourished or deepened in the follow-up discussion.

The recumbent monochord is used, among other things, in pain therapy or with accompanying pregnant women. It is also used in many curative education institutions.

Let yourself relax deeply with soothing sounds for body and soul.
Switch off from everyday life and recharge your batteries! I am happy to accompany you.

I also use the following instruments for sound healing treatment: piano, singing bowls, hang, gongs, KoTaMo and also Indian instruments.
Price: Fr. 110.- per hour (reduced Fr. 80.- until June 19)